Life’s little wisdoms

A few years ago I discovered a little saying that has been crucially important to me being the person that I am today. I was reminded of it once again as I have recently had to make some major choices that needed wisdom. It needed to be my choice you see.

I was sitting in a lecture hall, watching the clock and doodling (as one often does in lectures). Suddenly the saying seemed to emerge from the random scribblings of faces and body parts that I was currently doodling. Though it may look fairly confusing at first once it is understood it seems very simple, and it is! Of course, what other way is there! Further thought on it will however show that there is more depth to it then it first seems. Each person will see something different in it and that’s OK, that’s how it’s meant to be.

Without further ado here is the saying (as I wrote it…minus the doodles):

Live ur life ur yaw.

Simple no? 🙂


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