Mole VS Earthworm – Earthworm HQ


1.  A stalwart Earthworm mans (or worms) the ballista, firing shots under the guidance of his wormy compatre. Two bloodthirsty Moles are unperturbed by the deluge.

2. A young recruit sizes himself up against a dummy Mole made of grass…He doesn’t fancy his chances.

3. The Earthworm tacticians are constantly analyzing battlefield statistics, desperately seeking to eek out a win.

4. The heavily fortified underground entrance to the Earthworm HQ means certain death to any Mole foolish enough (or hungry enough) to seek entrance.

5. The Earthworm king sits enthroned on his grand stone chair, contemplating the survival of his species.

6. The king’s ailing father lies in his bed. He may be senile, but this power hungry worm is still unwilling to let go of ‘his’ command.

7. The head of one diligent young Earthworm shoots up into the air in response to the teachers question (or possibly to ask to go to the toilet). The Earthworm offspring are indoctrinated from an early age to recognize their enemy.

8. The brightest minds in the Earthworm kingdom (not necessarily the ‘sane-ist’) work industriously, inventing high tech gadgetry to aid their troops. A large headed worm decimates a target with his state of the art, grass powered flame thrower while the latest in bio technology creates a glowing blue stone that is capable of creating a worm of superworm capabilities.

9. A foolish Mole digs mindlessly, unaware that it will soon be trapped, the unwilling test subject of the weapons invented next door (and possible play mate of unnaturally capable worm).


5 thoughts on “Mole VS Earthworm – Earthworm HQ

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