Mole VS Earthworm – A brief history lesson

I have had a number of people ask me the question: “who are these Moles and why are they fighting these Earthworms?” It sounds like a simple question but it is not. You see, the history of the Moles and the Earthworms is a long and convoluted one: involving friendship; betrayal and even an inter-species romance.

It is agreed that many ages ago the Moles and the Earthworms lived alongside one another in peace. One historian even suggests that the two species spent afternoons ‘frolicking’ together on the lawns. This historian is largely discounted however as, who has ever seen an Earthworm frolic? Be it as it may that the two species did not frolic together, it is agreed that they had a symbiotic relationship, one where both benefited.

It is my understanding that this relationship, while beneficial to both species, was much like the relationship between an owner and his pet. The worms treated the moles as their property: to be cared for, played with…and disciplined.

It was during an extended drought that the first signs of trouble appeared. The earthworms spent much of their time tilling the top soil, desperately seeking to eke anything they could out from the earth. They didn’t have time as much time to spend with their ‘pets’ as they used to. They were not aware that the Moles were growing restless. The Earthworms returned from a hard day of eating dirt only to find their home obliterated. The Moles, used to the Earthworms provision, had ransacked the worm’s larder, consuming anything edible.

Mole VS Earthworm

This could not go unpunished! The Earthworm scientists devised a brilliant (if terribly cruel) system of punishment. The moles were forced on pain of being driven away and having to fend for themselves (the worst kind of torture for the lazy Moles) to fetch water from the nearest river. There were no spikes or weapons of any kind involved, the very fact that the moles had to work was torture enough!

Day in and day out the Moles labored under the strain of the large urns of water. The Moles had grown fat and lazy under the Earthworms care. As the days went by, the lean, mean bodies of the Moles returned…and with it the Mole’s killer instinct!

Moles are not the brightest of creatures. They value brawn as the highest of credentials. The attack they launched could not have been planned better however. The sun was setting as the Moles returned with their loads swaying on their backs. A look out would have easily noticed that the Moles legs were not as bowed under the weight of their cargo as they usually were. As this was the inciting event for the look outs, there were no look outs present. The peaceful world of the Earthworms was about to be shattered.

The moles attack came without warning. They threw off the empty urns from their back and rampaged through the Earthworms home, consuming the slimy bodies of their former masters with relish. The Moles were free, but the Earthworms would never be taken by surprise again.

The Moles set themselves up in the Earthworms hole, calling it Mole base (actually a very inspired name for the Moles). They continue to hunt their former masters to this day!

Those Earthworms that survived the assault hid themselves in deeper, darker holes and plotted their revenge!


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