That was my dream anyway when I was young (except for the broccoli part…I do partake in broccoli). I  am currently studying teaching and thoughts about dreams and potential have been filling my time. In an ideal world a teacher is the one that should enable dreams but a long history of education has told us that this often isn’t the case. In fact there are many who (rightly) say that teachers kill kids dreams by strapping them into the straight jacket of formalized education. That side of education about which Beetrix Potter said: “Thank goodness I was never sent to school; it would have rubbed off some of the originality.” Conversely teachers can inspire the youth to reach beyond the limits that they imagine (or have been taught to constrain their imagination to by previous years of schooling?)…

I don’t know…What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Agreed Matthew. In my case schooling suppressed my creativity and originality – and the ability to dream. But that was in the 1960s and 1970s. Haven’t things changed since then?

    • Take it from a student : they are suppressing our originality but not the teachers , the system. Our teachers try to inspire us to be original within the boundries of the rules. Which are very small.
      Not only does the system want to shape the way we think and will live our lifes but also who we are we went allowed to express who we are inside on the outside

      • Well, I graduated (yay!) And have been working for a few years as a teacher now. My first school was a hectic experience. It was a high school with lots of discipline problems. The kids who went to the school came from homes and communities with many issues. Though there were a few amazing teachers there, the general stance was to enforce even the most minor misdemeanor! I battled a bit with this. I remember telling one class that life has rules, “it’s like a game”, I said. they couldn’t get passes te fact that I had told them that life and school is like a game. :/ but it is! We’re all playing this game and we can win or loose (as we determine winning and loosing) but there are rules that have been put there by other people. We have to know the rules and use them in order to win! (not saying the law, a person can break the law and still ‘win’) te sucky thing is that some people start this game with a major advantage over others!!

  2. In the course we’re doing, there is a drive towards more creative ways of teaching but I think for the most part it’s not there yet. Youtube videos abound about this exact topic, guys in England rapping about how constraining schools are etc. I was very blessed with many of my teachers but Even I had one or two that made the subjects dead to me.

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