Mole vs Earthworm – Ninja worms (Episode 9…The climax)

The heads of the strategic Earthworms have been pressed together since we saw them last, debating ways to get  the upper hand on their enemy of old. The same old plans were suggested, debated and then discarded. The worms had reached a stale mate. This was, that is, until one brazen young Earthworm suggested a plan so dangerous, so fraught with pitfalls, SO CRAZY!! that the Earthworms had only one viable option…Give it to the ninjas.

Battle report: Ninja mission

Target – The king of the Moles. The target should be fairly easy to find and once there, eliminate. Our Intel suggests that the difficulty will be in getting there.

Obstacles – The main body of mole troupes should be out foraging but their are at least 3 Moles known to be permanent guard duty. Beyond this it is unknown what other obstacles they will face.

Weapons – As they are Ninja worms, any weapon they want will be provided.

Units – 2 Ninja worms

Ninja_Worms_091. Nigh on invisible to  the naked eye due to their incredible speed and cunning use of cover, two Ninja worms surprise the guarding Mole with their blades of fury.

2. One cowardly Mole flees for his life. He thinks he’s safe….He doesn’t hear the whistling of the blade flying unerringly towards him.

3. After a swift entrance into the Mole’s lair, the two Ninja worms are brought to an abrupt halt. Before them is the Mole’s larder, packed full of the bodies of their kin. The younger red banded Ninja worm looks on in horror. The more experienced black banded Ninja worm looks away…He has seen it all before. No longer is this merely a mission for their leaders, now this is personal.

4. Enraged by the scene they had just witnessed, the two highly trained operative worms descend on a room full of Moles taking part in training exercises. The Mole closest to the door is the first to get it. It is sliced open by the red banded Ninja’s katana. The apposing Mole is quickly pinned to the back wall as three shurikens go scything by.  As if only an after thought, the watching Mole is taken out: the hilt of a knife protruding from its neck.

5. Swiftly entering the central chamber, the two Ninjas arrive just in time to see a guarding Mole drawing breath to raise an alarm. Without any hesitation, the two Earthworms ensure the foolish Mole’s eternal silence with a garrote around its foolish neck.

6. The Moles couldn’t have made it easier for the Earthworms! The alert Ninjas spotted signs pointing in the direction of the king! Like a furious wind (one that is full of sharp pointed blades that is) the two Earthworms raced down a passage leading to the king’s chamber. They killed an attending Mole without even blinking an eye before destroying the Mole seated in the throne. He should have been the king, he was wearing a crown after all… It was only after their blood had cooled that they noticed the cords wrapped around the Mole, tying it into place. They had been hoodwinked, the Mole king had used a body double! The mission was still on.

7. After a brief deliberation, the two Earthworms decide to continue searching for the king, further down the Mole’s excavated warren. Their Ninja honor gives them no other option. It seems that the Earthworm Intel was right…The sleeping quarters are empty of slumbering Moles. The excited red banded Ninja sets about rigging the room with traps and explosives, all the time watched by the critical eye of its black banded superior.

8. For better or worse, the end of the mission was in sight for the Earthworms. Only one room remained. Using their extraordinary Ninja skills, the two Earthworms grapple their way past some pretty serious defenses. The red banded Ninja is excited, why else would they have the spikes if not to protect the king? The more experienced black banded Ninja is not as sure…Defenses can be used to keep dangerous things in as well as out…

9. Detaching themselves from the their grappling hooks, the two Ninja worms drop to the floor, only to come face to face with a hulking brute of a Mole.  The Mole let out one deep bellied squeak in warning before the Earthworms were on it. Using a net they pinned it down and then, defenseless as it was with its small arms, they proceeded use it as a resting place for their spears. So preoccupied were the Earthworms with the brute of a Mole however that they neglected to see the king, hiding behind its giant bulk, and once it had collapsed, they did not think to look behind it. Believing their mission a failure as they had not killed the king, the honorable Ninjas had only one path to follow. They committed hara kiri by impaling themselves on their swords.

Battle Report: Mission – Ninja worms

Primary objective: Failure

Secondary Objective: Successful


The Mole king lay there struggling to escape the dead weight of the dead Mole for some time before he to…died. It was a few days later as the rest of the Mole force returned to their devastated lair that the king’s emaciated form was found. The crown was claimed by the Mole that made the discovery who immediately went for a lie down and was summarily blown to pieces. The Ninja’s were thus twice over successful but unfortunately for them, they would never know this.

Mole vs Earthworm


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