For a friend

Suzie birthday cardThis is a birthday card I made for an elderly friend of mine. We randomly met on a walk one day. Feeling down and very anxious about life I decided to take a walk. I left the house, sketchbook in hand and set out to clear my head. While drawing a security camera I had seen, I heard a voice behind me.

That was how I had met Suzie. She was very interested in my art and in listening to my problems. She invited me back to her house and against all the better advice of my parents I decided to go along. There have only a few times where I have regretted taking the risk and going along, this was definitely not one of those!

Suzie is an incredibly interesting woman. Though in her 60s, plus or minus, she is very much on the search for truth and meaning. She is one of the most open, caring and compassionate people I know. To illustrate, a friend of hers who was an aged Chiropractor, had fallen on bad times. She opened the doors of her house to him and his dog, Thandi. He has recently passed away though Thandi can still be seen sleeping on the carpet, growling at Suzie’s dog Foxy or chasing one of the two tame robbins, Rufus or his wife Rowina.

Happy birthday Suzie!

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