A design project 02

So I had an idea of some of the cool, eagle-like abilities that I wanted my superhero to have. I started brainstorming and jotting down some ideas. I soon came up with a pretty cool superhero. I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the wings (they’d be impractical for a superhero to walk with – and he can’t fly ALL the time) but I was happy:

The Superhero I envisioned

The Superhero I envisioned

I now had to dress up like the hero… No mean feat, and you will laugh!

The temptation was there to just take a pic of myself and add in the extra details in post using Photoshop. I had to be firm with myself however as I wanted to see what it would be like to do this project as a learner in school. All I had at my disposal was what I could find around the house…Some paper, toilet rolls, towels and clothing! Not much to go on.

I started by wrapping paper around my one hat and putting this on backwards. I then taped blue play dough to my face and stuck the beak on with this. Finally I scrunched half the inner toilet rolls in each eyelid, took three butter knifes between the fingers and, wearing a long sleeved black top in the sweltering heat I was ready!

WP_20131028_006 WP_20131028_007 WP_20131028_009 WP_20131028_012 WP_20131028_015 WP_20131028_001

Evil doers be ware!!!

Tomorrow I’ll reveal the final poster…


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