So I recently got a post at a school in Goodwood, Cape Town. I’m trying to teach 14-15 year olds about the ‘creative arts’. Fundamentally this boils down to trying to get a bunch of disinterested teenagers to either do some visual art or drama. Though convincing 30 or so kids going through puberty that they enjoy drawing can be tough (to say the least), I am at least confident and passionate about  the  work itself! Trying to get the shy learners to have to act in front of a room full of their peers is another matter. When I was in school I was painfully shy! I would have hated to be forced to act! Ahh.. The challenges of life: They do indeed make life interesting (and one may say: worth living) but they do suck to go through nevertheless! 🙂

If you have noticed the absence of regular updates on the Moles and the Earthworms, this is why. Everyone told me that a first year of teaching can be tough…And they were right. :/ What I can say though is that I intend to post more regularly on some of my experiences that I have in school.  And hopefully after a bit to spend some more time digging and reporting what I find.


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