Some Doodles


The grinding sound of the wheelbarrow alerts two weeds of their impending doom.


When I was a youngster I used to love drawing epic scenes featuring stickmen. With stickmen the opportunities were endless! I could set a giant stickman sea battle or pit the little guys against an enormous, fire breathing, badly drawn dragon! This is a little reminiscing.


4 thoughts on “Some Doodles

  1. Looks like me mowing as every weed in the place dodges my mowing and I am not lying they stick their tongues out at me as they manage to survive the relentless blades

      • The grumbling noise reached a ferocious roar, the earth trembled beneath Daisy. “Leo time for plan B” She yelled.
        “What happened to Plan A.” Leo grumbled stretching his spindly legs.
        “It got squashed when Dando got squished.” She snapped back.
        In the background they watched and waited for Mo. It wasn’t her real name but Daisy felt it suited the mad fairy who loved to dress in jeans and whistle tunelessly as she walked behind the monster.
        For the next thirty minutes the two ducked, dived and sprang about the garden with more va va voom than a formula 1 racing car. At the end of it all they let their roots sink back into the soft Irish earth and heads tilted to the sun they made the most of the silence and heat.
        “We did well today Daisy to avoid the stupid tuneless fairy. I wonder who she thinks she is fooling with that dreadful whistling.”
        Mo wiped her brow and wished those two gormless plants would learn to stay still. It was tough to avoid hitting them when they darted about the garden like two crazy bunnies.
        “My job of tending the garden and keeping it looking superior would be so much easier if they stayed still. Then at least I could go around them safely after all in this dark age of 2040 daisies and forget-me-nots are a treasure to be preserved for future generations.”

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