Mole vs Earthworm – An unanticipated seige

All’s been a bit quiet on the Mole vs Earthworm front for a while but rest assured that this has been due to lack of reporting rather then lack of activity! This reporter has been busy following one enlightened Mole and recording its story but now back to the action!

This event happened to a fairly young colony of Earthworms. The Earthworm tacticians had chosen the spot because of its natural fortifications. The little base was soon discovered by the Moles however and hostilities began at once!

1. The Earthworm’s celebrated as a giant ‘brute of  a Mole’ was brought down by a fiendish trap left in the ceiling. Their shouts of joy soon turned into cries of dismay however, as they realized that the dead Mole was so big that it effectively blocked the passage! All was not lost as they still had the escape through to the top. The desolation in front of the Mole is due to a later attempt at removing the Mole by letting off an explosive in front it to clear the way. This succeeded only in blowing down their own door.


To be continued…

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