Mole vs Earthworm – An unanticipated siege (Final)

8. And it seems, like many erstwhile leaders, this king was in fact looking for a way out…For himself! Like many other leaders, this king put the king before the king-dom. The scumbag! But I guess it was this same character trait that caused him to rule and reign in the first place!


1. The Earthworm’s celebrated as a giant ‘brute of a Mole’ was brought down by a fiendish trap left in the ceiling. Their shouts of joy soon turned into cries of dismay however, as they realized that the dead Mole was so big that it effectively blocked the passage! All was not lost as they still had the escape through to the top. The desolation in front of the Mole is due to a later attempt at removing the Mole by letting off an explosive in front it to clear the way. This succeeded only in blowing down their own door.

2. The Earthworms were not worried however. They knew they still had the above ground exit. Upon reaching it however, their slip sliding slid to a sudden halt. A Mole’s bum was covering the exit. The simple Mole had actually not even noticed the disguised exit and just seen the little indentation as a comfortable looking place to plop down on. He did notice that something was amiss when the Earthworms started struggling to get out though!

3. In a desperate attempt to end the siege, the wily Earthworm scientists try out some alternative methods of getting out. They soon find some draw backs to their defensive barrier.  Two met their ends at the net of underground explosives (meant to scare off any tunneling Moles); One worm is very shaken up after trying an improvised jack hammer on the surrounding rock wall; And another Earthworm’s smile changes to despair as his shrinking potion works but doesn’t stop working. Before long he is small enough to squeeze past the Mole blocking the exit, and then he is too small to make a difference anyway.

4. As the siege continues, casualties start to follow. A desperate doctor Earthworm rushes through its rounds pushing a gurney laden with as many high energy roots as it could find in the depleted stores. One Earthworm looks on with hope and excitement. It is one of the lucky ones. It will live to see another day. Others don’t have the energy to lift their wormy heads at all!

5. Tension from the siege began to take its toll. The working class Earthworms began to vent their anger against what they saw as an oppressive monarchy, using the symbolic emblem of a blade of grass tied around their leaders head as their banner. The Earthworm body was split! Half of the worms remained loyal to the king while the other half revolted against his rule. It was not long before this conflict turned bloody.

6. A stalwart Earthworm stands, axe in loop of body, guarding the entrance to the kings throne room. Little does this naive worm know that the throne stands, behind a thick curtain made of old leaves, empty! A small tunnel runs out of the back of the throne room. Obviously our king has pressing matters to attend to in this time of trouble!

7. The revolution has spread right through the ranks. Even the Earthworm heads in the war have taken sides in this conflict! This latest spark was no doubt brought about by the king’s passing. The hidden passage from the throne room seems to run to the war room. Where is the king now though? Surely with all the goings on, our desperate king must be trying to come up with a way out?!

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