Home – Less Man

20160531_185124I started drawing this sketch a while ago but lost interest half way through. It wasn’t for a year or more when I was doing an art class on pastels that I found it in my drawing book and decided to try and finish it off|!

I quickly built up the pencil lines. The story of the artwork changed a bit but I think the new one is powerful. It shows a man who’s ancestors probably used to live and work on the land shown, now fenced out of it. He is lost in his bottle though obviously not satisfied. A vulture circles in the background.20160602_140141

Once drawn, I rendered it in pastel. I found it quite tough doing this as I did not have any reference for the picture! I tried looking for a few images to guide my colour choices such as the skin colour, beer bottle and hills. I finally went over with compressed charcoal.20160606_094846


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