African artwork

I am lucky enough to work at Camps Bay Primary School in Cape Town. Such a beautiful spot! For the past year and a half I have been doing adult classes on Tuesday evenings. I really enjoy them! I use them as an opportunity to try new ideas and I get to participate in making art as well. For a while now I have had an idea that I wanted to try. As I walk around Camps Bay or drive around Cape Town, I see artworks like those above. Probably an original style that has now been mass produced and aimed at tourists but I still like it. The forms are elongated and the colours bright!

Here is my modern day version of one of these artworks. I had just gone for a walk down to Camps Bay beach so that was my inspiration. I still plan to go over parts of it with my fineliner to add extra details but I thought I would show the artwork in the raw. I took an A2 paper, cut it in half long ways and made a border with masking tape. I sketched the figures in pencil first before doing a wash in water colour. I then added acrylic to certain areas.20160928_084929.jpg:



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