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My name is Matthew Stuart Graham. I am an art teacher based in the beautiful setting of Camps Bay, Cape Town. I currently work at Camps Bay Primary School alongside my beautiful wife of almost 3 years, Kalene Graham (she facilitates for two boys in grade 4).

How I got into teaching was completely accidental. My dream, since I was in Primary School (the first time) was to make computer games. I loved them! I didn’t get to play them much but I thought about them all the time…and drew pictures about them…and wrote stories for them…and did pretty much everything else you can imagine in right up to designing one! 🙂 It is no wonder that after school I chose the path that lead me to becoming an animator! (a job which I loved) Before long however, I discovered the downside of my chosen vocation. Job security was at a minimum.

I had my eyes on a girl who later became my wife (and colleague) and so I realized I would have to start to grow up a little. In a time of great turmoil and huge despair, I became a teacher. I didn’t really enjoy much of my time in school as a child but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it as an adult! I actually can say that I love teaching! I love the kids and the projects and the creativity. I do however miss making creative projects that will be seen by the world though…

And that’s why I blog. 🙂 I’m still working on a few big projects, so I post on those at times. At other times I post on the preparation I do for a cool class I did with my kids.  last but not least, I post my random sketches, stories, poems or ideas I do in my sketch book.

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