Nice Flower pot craft

Simple to do. The trick is that it stands using 2 paper clips that get stuck into corrugated cardboard and then bent to enable the pot to stand. Nice for a range of kids.img_0424

Pop Surrealism (AKA Lowbrow art)

I discovered Pop Surrealism by accident earlier this year. I decided it would make an awesome theme for a grade 7 project! Pop Surrealism started as a comic/ punk art movement where artists would incorporate characters from popular culture into a surrealist artwork! The images are beautiful and I felt the grade 7s would appreciate the mix of popular culture with the craziness of Surrealism. I told them often Pop Surrealist works were made to have a message. I had some awesome work submitted! One was of Mickey mouse holding a knife in the foreground and grinning like a psycho while minie mouse lay bleeding under a spot light in the background. I did two examples: one showing Donald Trump having tea with Freezer (an evil character from Dragon Ball Z who plans to destroy the Earth). I did it in pencil and pencil crayon; The second one was just to show the grade 7s that they could integrate magazine pics into their works.img_0969img_0959

Fun pic of hand

This was a project I did with my adult art group. I looked an artist named Ilze Klein who did a lot of work using body parts as reference. We made the background using dry pastels and then splattering dye onto it. We sprayed it before using pencil to sketch our hand. My intention was to only use pencil but one of the group found that chalk and compressed charcoal gave a nice effect to the drawing so we added these as well!img_0958

Story linked project

I went to a workshop recently where they introduced the new WCED art competition. The theme would be “story”. For the example project we teacher’s did, the leader read a story to us. We had to choose the part of the story that stood out the most for us and then express this through an artwork. We were encouraged to be expressive by using different media, collaging and using frotage. The bottom picture is the one I made. I decided to try it out with my grade 4s, using the story: Where the wild things are. The picture below is the one I made.img_0906img_0326

Fun perspective project

I saw an image like this online and thought it could be quite a nice project for my Grade 6s. A rubik’s cube in perspective, coming out of the page, with a shadow ‘below it’. It’s a cool way to introduce them to linear perspective while still not being to complex. You also can teach shading and a bit of colour theory if you wanted to. You’ll see that I took the idea a bit further in the second example.img_0924img_0925

Funny head

3I found a few pics that I thought could make a very nice project. The pics showed funny, pig-like heads that were painted wacky colours. I made a simple structure using a balloon and recycled material and then added paper mache over this. This was then painted.

The actual sculpture built I then came up with a fun extention of the lesson. I showed the learners work by Sandy Skottnes as well as South African, Jane Alexander. These two artists, in very different ways, made sculptures and then photographed them in relation to life. I also showed them a few pics from non-fine art photography like this blog.

We took our sculptures outside, placed them in strange situations and then took photos of them! These pics I quickly took, just to explain the lesson to the learners. They were also useful in pointing out some ideas about photography.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

I discovered this amazing architect and artist the other day while looking at what I could teach the grade 6s. Originally from Austria, he later moved to New Zealand. Unfortunately he is now no longer with us. His beautiful creations are however! And hopefully will be! Hundertwasser’s fantastical designs remind me of Gaudi in the way that they appear to go against the natural laws of nature! This was a very quick picture I did, just to show the learners in my class how the end artwork might look. DSC_0234.JPG