Mole vs Earthworm – Baby Mole learns…to Stand

After our last photographers abysmal attempts at finding us some exciting footage of the baby Mole, we followed through with our threat and fired him. Our new photographer doesn’t seem to be doing much better however! Here we have two boring (albeit very cute) shots of the young Mole, standing still.

We promise to do better next time.

Now a couple of weeks old, These photos do however, clearly show our baby protagonists growth! Though still tiny, even compared with other Moles of the same age, you can already see some of the baby chubbiness giving way to the chubbiness of Moles in general.

The baby Mole discovers our (not so well) hidden camera

The baby Mole discovers our (evidently not so well) hidden camera



Baby mole standing still...Possibly doing a widdle

Baby mole standing still…Possibly doing a widdle

Mole vs Earthworm – The state of the war.

Mole vs Earthworm – The state of the war

Posted on March 22, 2014 by
ImageGenerations of Mole kings

Generations of Moles and Earthworms have come and gone since the beginning of the war. Though battles are won and lost, the war itself is locked in a stalemate. The brute power of the Moles is matched by the insidious intellect of the Earthworms. Neither side seems able to win, neither seems able to loose…And no thought whatsoever is given to an alternative solution.

But in this scenario a Mole is born. In the smallest Mole outpost, the runt of the smallest family lineage opens its eyes and squints into the blackness. No one could have possibly foreseen that this little Mole would change the fate of Moles and Earthworms, forever.

ImageThe little baby Mole is born

You get to decide! What should the parents name this Mole?

Mole vs Earthworm – Mole Movember (02)

After much hunting we have finally managed to track down a few more Moles who took up the Movember challenge…

We found these returning from the field of battle. Not only were these valiant few struggling against the irritating ‘pricks’ of the Earthworms’ weapons, but they also had to face the irritation of their own prickly facial hair.

A round of applause for their effort please.

Moles' Mo'_02s smallMole Movember 01