Birds on background

This was a simple but fun project I did with my grade 6s. We started by filling a page using chalk pastel. We then sprayed it with fixative. We took black ink, put some drops and blew it with straws to make twigs and branches of a ‘tree’. We drew birds on paper and then traced these onto clear plastic sheets with permanent marker. I painted my two birds using different techniques. The top one I mixed ink with school glue/ wood glue and used a syringe to outline the bird with this. This made raised ‘walls’. I filled in the bird with glass glaze. (which is very runny!)The bottom one I just did using acrylic paint.img_0344

Still life

Continuing with our study of colour I had planned to teach my class about complimentary colours. I didn’t get around to that but we did have a nice lesson where we explored colour again with acrylic paint. I started mine with a charcoal under sketch and then went with acrylic paint on top of this. One of the members liked this and tried taking compressed charcoal over the acrylic paint which also worked quite well!