KHUMBAThese are some screenshots from a movie I was working on as part of the lighting team, last year. It is made Triggerfish, a small studio with a huge heart and enormous talent here in Cape Town.

For those who haven’t heard of it (yet!), it is the story set in the arid landscape of the Karoo, South Africa. A zebra foal (Khumba) is born, half striped, in the middle of a drought. Instead of appreciating his uniqueness, the herd alienates Khumba and blames him for the drought. Khumba goes in search for his missing stripes and in the process of doing so, meets a bunch of crazy friends and brings healing to the herd itself!

It’s a beautifully told story that is visually manifested by exquisite, on-screen visuals (if I don’t say so myself!)

Alexander Sinton Flipbooks

I was recently doing a teaching practice at Alexander Sinton High School here in Cape Town. Coming from an animation background I decided to do a flipbook animation project with the grade 10 class, something I would have loved.

I scanned in two of the students work, chose a backing track, rendered it in after effects, et voila!

Drum roll please…

Mole vs Earthworm – Caught on camera

We’re taking a short break from our examination of Earthworm disguises to show this film that one of our hidden cameras caught…

A real life, living and breathing Mole!

Our microphones heard a small sound moments before which must have alerted this Mole’s to go investigate….

By the disgusting ‘squirting and crunching’ noises that followed we can only assume that this Mole found the cause of the noise, and summarily dealt with it.