More Dr Seuss stuff!


I got my grade 3s to design their own Dr Seuss like character. I showed them how he kind of took an existing creature and then changed it. I took a bat and made this guy. 🙂 The school had big bins that were being used to hold plans that they were going to throw away. My grade 3s and I took the bins, covered them with paper mache, painted their rims and legs and placed them around the entrance to the hall. We then put cocktail sticks on our creatures and stuck them into the bins!



My grade 5s had to come up with what their dream was and then draw this on either a black piece of paper (like the one above) or a white piece of paper. I was ‘kind of’ joking  when I said it was my dream to be a king…Kind of…

Random projects

Two little projects I did. The cup was for a grade 7 project where they dipped string in glue and wrapped it around a cup. When it dried we painted it. This was my test.

The sign was made because a parent of the school was pushing me. They were saying that traffic outside the school gets bad and, “couldn’t I make a sign that tells them to move on?” When I did eventually, I gave it to the school security guard who handles traffic, he wanted a STOP sign as well, so I made one for the back of this. 🙂