Greek artwork

So we took the design that we had done for the previous Greek artwork and stylised it. We took a circular piece of paper. We used various messy tools to add sun colour paint onto this page. We then drew our creature on and made a border with simple designs in it. We then filled these out with black ink. I discovered that using dry kokis is very useful for putting on paint in finicky areas.img_0340


Story linked project

I went to a workshop recently where they introduced the new WCED art competition. The theme would be “story”. For the example project we teacher’s did, the leader read a story to us. We had to choose the part of the story that stood out the most for us and then express this through an artwork. We were encouraged to be expressive by using different media, collaging and using frotage. The bottom picture is the one I made. I decided to try it out with my grade 4s, using the story: Where the wild things are. The picture below is the one I made.img_0906img_0326

Funny head

3I found a few pics that I thought could make a very nice project. The pics showed funny, pig-like heads that were painted wacky colours. I made a simple structure using a balloon and recycled material and then added paper mache over this. This was then painted.

The actual sculpture built I then came up with a fun extention of the lesson. I showed the learners work by Sandy Skottnes as well as South African, Jane Alexander. These two artists, in very different ways, made sculptures and then photographed them in relation to life. I also showed them a few pics from non-fine art photography like this blog.

We took our sculptures outside, placed them in strange situations and then took photos of them! These pics I quickly took, just to explain the lesson to the learners. They were also useful in pointing out some ideas about photography.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

I discovered this amazing architect and artist the other day while looking at what I could teach the grade 6s. Originally from Austria, he later moved to New Zealand. Unfortunately he is now no longer with us. His beautiful creations are however! And hopefully will be! Hundertwasser’s fantastical designs remind me of Gaudi in the way that they appear to go against the natural laws of nature! This was a very quick picture I did, just to show the learners in my class how the end artwork might look. DSC_0234.JPG

Fun lesson idea

I found this idea online a while ago and I was itching to try it! You take a small piece of card and draw a simple landscape (or whatever you want) on it. You then take play dough (the school I work at is in the fortunate position to have some store bought play dough though you can make as well) and using earbuds and your fingers you smear the dough over your page. You can then take sticks and scratch into it. It’s far from a perfect media but very fun and we all loved it!DSC_0129DSC_0130

Action figure project

This was a project I did with the grade 5s. I started out by showing them a video of somebody dressed up as the character from Assasin’s creed doing parkour through a city. I then looked at what a person in action or movement looks like. Finally they had to create a figure in action using rolled up magazines as the different segments and finding a face in a a magazine. They could also make a background using whatever they liked. This is my own example.DSC_0097

Board game project

I love board games. I have spent the last 10 years or so actually designing a board game which I am looking to publish. I decided that making a board game would be a project the kids of grade 6 would enjoy! The definitely did!

The idea of the project was that learners should take a very basic game as their starting point (snakes and ladders). They should then make something new from it. They could simply redesign the visuals of the game or actually redesign all of the rules!

I made this mock up of a game from my Mole vs Earthworm series. It’s loosely based on snakes and ladders with some differences (obviously). I’ve since redesigned the board to so that it gives more freedom to the players ITO route.


Just to show what the game might look like in reality…Again, the board changed quite a bit.


The box I made for the game

Creative excersize

This is the first project I was given by my favourite, High School, art teacher… Or my own version of it anyway. The learners are given a piece of paper with one random thing drawn at the top and a completely different thing at the bottom. My teacher told us to “Take our mind on a walk” as we join the two disparate images into one, cohesive whole. We were encouraged to think differently! I prepared this page for an extra art class I give. In this one, I attempted to join the to halves in a way that is meaningful to me. 🙂DSC_0095

Romero Britto artwork

While exploring ideas for mother’s day, I stumbled across a Brazilian artist named Romero Britto. He is an amazing artist that uses bright colours in a style that is almost like stained glass windows. He paints warm, happy scenes.

This is my own take on Britto that I made in preparation for a class I did with my grade 5s. It was done on a wooden board. We started by painting the wood white. We did the design on paper first and then transferred it to the white wood. We then painted it with acrylic paint and went over the lines with permanent marker.

I used acrylic paint for everything except the white under painting. I used tempera paint for this…bad mistake! Some of the tempera has since flaked off! 😦DSC_0091