Board game project

I love board games. I have spent the last 10 years or so actually designing a board game which I am looking to publish. I decided that making a board game would be a project the kids of grade 6 would enjoy! The definitely did!

The idea of the project was that learners should take a very basic game as their starting point (snakes and ladders). They should then make something new from it. They could simply redesign the visuals of the game or actually redesign all of the rules!

I made this mock up of a game from my Mole vs Earthworm series. It’s loosely based on snakes and ladders with some differences (obviously). I’ve since redesigned the board to so that it gives more freedom to the players ITO route.


Just to show what the game might look like in reality…Again, the board changed quite a bit.


The box I made for the game