Creative excersize

This is the first project I was given by my favourite, High School, art teacher… Or my own version of it anyway. The learners are given a piece of paper with one random thing drawn at the top and a completely different thing at the bottom. My teacher told us to “Take our mind on a walk” as we join the two disparate images into one, cohesive whole. We were encouraged to think differently! I prepared this page for an extra art class I give. In this one, I attempted to join the to halves in a way that is meaningful to me. 🙂DSC_0095

Paper Mache head project

I did this to prepare for a grade 6 class. We made a head around a balloon, building on for a chin and nose etc. We then painted the following lesson. I’m still not 100% sure what we’ll do with it then. Maybe a puppet? Though not exactly sure how to do it simply. Might challenge the kids (and myself) and see what we can come up with!

Some Doodles


The grinding sound of the wheelbarrow alerts two weeds of their impending doom.


When I was a youngster I used to love drawing epic scenes featuring stickmen. With stickmen the opportunities were endless! I could set a giant stickman sea battle or pit the little guys against an enormous, fire breathing, badly drawn dragon! This is a little reminiscing.

Creative Challenge

As a creative who isn’t work in the industry, I think it important that I don’t loose my touch. Inspired by creative genius Edward De Bono, I set myself a few challenging questions and see what out of the box solutions I can find for them. These are the first few of them.

Inspired by my awkwardly long chest hair

Inspired by my awkwardly long chest hair


Some Doodles

The urge took me again the other day…

I was at home with my fiance. We had no plans (real plans anyway), so I did it.

For some reason I felt like doing some something a little different, like something I had never tried before. I grabbed a cotton wool pad from my bottom draw and poured some water into my little container with ink.

Ever so tenderly dipping the piece of cotton into the ink, I began to draw…

Cotton wool

I used a cotton wool pad to create this (unintentionally) ghostly image of my fiance. It doesn’t suite the subject matter, but was really fun and I quite like the ephemeral effect.