African Easter Warthog

The Easter Bunny is a very Euro-centric idea. A bunny would not last long in the African veld. This is a thought I shared with my grade 6s. I told them that it is about time that we came up with a new, African, Easter animal. I then introduced the learners to Franz Marc, a German expressionist artist who would paint various animals in crazy colours, according to how he was feeling. Below is my new idea for an African Easter animal, the Easter Warthog. 🙂DSC_0082


Some Doodles


I was trying out the technique of scribbling in my visual journal and came up with this. 🙂


A friend of mine had bought a wooden cross for his wife which he asked me to paint. I painted it red and the red smeared over some of the stories in the newspaper. Quite a powerful image I think, how Christ’s blood is over all that is happening (even the disgusting sides of humanity))