Funny head

3I found a few pics that I thought could make a very nice project. The pics showed funny, pig-like heads that were painted wacky colours. I made a simple structure using a balloon and recycled material and then added paper mache over this. This was then painted.

The actual sculpture built I then came up with a fun extention of the lesson. I showed the learners work by Sandy Skottnes as well as South African, Jane Alexander. These two artists, in very different ways, made sculptures and then photographed them in relation to life. I also showed them a few pics from non-fine art photography like this blog.

We took our sculptures outside, placed them in strange situations and then took photos of them! These pics I quickly took, just to explain the lesson to the learners. They were also useful in pointing out some ideas about photography.

Fun lesson idea

I found this idea online a while ago and I was itching to try it! You take a small piece of card and draw a simple landscape (or whatever you want) on it. You then take play dough (the school I work at is in the fortunate position to have some store bought play dough though you can make as well) and using earbuds and your fingers you smear the dough over your page. You can then take sticks and scratch into it. It’s far from a perfect media but very fun and we all loved it!DSC_0129DSC_0130

The Dr Seuss Finale 2016!

We really went all out for the finale in 2016! (We thought we had already done so in 2015!) A lot of the art work was done by the learners under supervision: Our grade 7 learner, Mieke, made thing 1 and 2 with the principal and vice principal’s faces, our resident school cat as the cat in the hat and a sneaky grintch standing next to the Christmas tree; We had colourful hills painted onto paper stuck around the hall with clouds and dreams on one side and a long quote on the other; We had wires slung across the hall with half 3D balloons hanging from them and paper clouds; We had the foyer decorated with the grade 7 quotes; and we had a”Oh the places you’ll go!” sign pointing all sort of directions (including ‘1direction’ and the ‘The other direction’)

My apology on the quality of the pictures…the photos were poorly shot.