Day of the dead cat

DSC_0239This was an idea I came up with for my grade 4s. We first looked at the Mexican culture in particular their art. We looked at the day of the dead artworks. The school I am at has a cat called Sassa that all the kids love! My original idea was that they draw this cat in a Mexican style. As the project went on however, I got more and more into the idea of drawing the cat as a Mexican day of the dead, with the skull and bones. The images I found online looked SO cool!

It was only by the time I was seeing my third grade 4 class that I started calling the project “Day of the dead cat”. And then, tragedy struck! I was excitedly telling the class about the project and how cool it would be (most of the kids had been excited about doing a cat like this) when I noticed one boy crying. I finished with my talking and took him aside. It was revealed that his family kitten had passed away the day before! He was so distraught he could not continue the lesson! I went back to calling the project “Mexican Sassa” 🙂


Grade 4 project idea

This was done in preparation for a grade 4 project on basic atmospheric perspective. The learners had to use different values of one hue to show depth. For example, I used darker reds to show the land that is in front and added white to the red as it faded back to give it a sense of depth. DSC_0096

An autobiography…in 50 years time

I asked my grade 4 learners to imagine they were 50 years older (so around 60) and they had lived the most amazing life imaginable! They had done exactly what they wanted to do!

I asked them to think of what they had done. I then explained what an autobiography is. They had to imagine that they had written an autobiography for their amazing life! They had to come up with a title, they had to write a little blurb on what the book is about and they could write a few imaginary critic responses to their book. They also had to decorate their book cover by integrating pictures!

This is my autobiography, “Walking on the moon”, written by the 80 year old me. It chronicles the episode in my future life where I traveled to the moon and met an alien named Hank.