British artist – Peter Clarke

I was going to be doing a project with the grade 7s on South African artist, Peter Clarke. In my google lead research, I discovered another British Peter Clarke who was also an artist! He works primarily in collage and I really liked his stuff! I decided to do an art project based around Clarke (British Clarke) with my grade 4s! Here is my own example I could show them.5

Torn and pasted artwork

This was another idea for an adult art class. We took a photo we liked from a holiday we had been on. We tore bits out of newspapers and used these to build up a tonal base for the artwork. I used school glue mixed with water and painted it under and over all the layers so that it was very firm (almost like decopage). We then went over this permanent markers and acrylic paint.

Here is my one. I added one or two more things to it but this is basically what it looked like. 🙂


The Dot

Also for an adult class, taken from one of my primary school classes. We watched a little narrated reading of the book called “The dot”. It’s a story about a little girl who thinks she can’t do art. She angrily puts a dot on her page which she hands in. Her teacher asks her to sign it and then puts it up on the wall. The girl knows she can do much better so she starts making beautiful, expressive dots! She gets known for it.

  Image result for the dot book
Our class was asked to make their own little dots.
This is mine:


Protea Flower

Most of the art I do now days starts with an idea for a lesson I could teach. This started with a project I wanted to lead my adult class in. It was started by spraying a piece of white triplex paper/mounting board with water. I then dripped a few drops of Teddy Dye onto the wet paper, turning the page as I did so. This gives a very cool, abstract background. I was doing a still life at the time with my grade 7s, where they had to draw an arrangement of Fynbos. Fortunately this gave me a protea flower to draw! I drew this, first in pencil and the using fineliner. I then cut it out and stuck it onto the colourful background. I loved this project and plan to make a much bigger one!