The Dr Seuss Finale 2016!

We really went all out for the finale in 2016! (We thought we had already done so in 2015!) A lot of the art work was done by the learners under supervision: Our grade 7 learner, Mieke, made thing 1 and 2 with the principal and vice principal’s faces, our resident school cat as the cat in the hat and a sneaky grintch standing next to the Christmas tree; We had colourful hills painted onto paper stuck around the hall with clouds and dreams on one side and a long quote on the other; We had wires slung across the hall with half 3D balloons hanging from them and paper clouds; We had the foyer decorated with the grade 7 quotes; and we had a”Oh the places you’ll go!” sign pointing all sort of directions (including ‘1direction’ and the ‘The other direction’)

My apology on the quality of the pictures…the photos were poorly shot.


Sickroom Mural – Process

A little while ago, Mr Collier the Camps Bay Primary school principal, came to me and told me that he felt that the school’s sick room was looking boring and in need of a facelift. As the first part of that, he asked me if I could paint a mural in the sickroom. I had no experience in painting murals before but as the schools art teacher I felt compelled to try.

I asked my senior art learners (Grade 5-7) to come up with ideas for the mural. The ideas they came up with were awesome! They were so different and magical! My challenge was to somehow combine them in an interesting composition which would work in the context of the sickroom. I chose elements of as many of them as I could and put it together in the picture below.


My next challenge would be to actually get this picture on the four walls of the sick room. I had some help for this as well however. One of the school’s ground staff is an experienced artist in his own right! He is originally from Zimbabwe and his name is Innocent. I also had help from my beautiful wife, Kalene. She is actually working at Camps Bay Primary as a facilitator and was very supportive of this project. We also had help from the senior art club who were very excited to be involved!I actually learned a fair amount from one of the grade 5s who had done this before!


Me painting doing a posed ‘action shot’ of painting..I had no paint on my brush at this time.


A close up of innocent, focused on the task at hand!


Innocent hard at work. He did a LOT of the painting himself!


My wife Kalene filling in some of the details.

The painting turned out to be quite a job as the idea that I had sketched on the piece of paper needed the whole room to be painted a variety of colours! It took about two months working after hours but we were very happy with the result…(To be revealed soon!)