Frida Kahlo inspired project

I wanted to introduce the grade 7s to Frida Kahlo. I thought they’d love her! A strong woman who was rebellious and stood up for what she believed. I decided we would use nature to make a background using stamping, stencilling or frottage. We then had to add a self portrait onto this. I tried 4 different ways and encouraged the learners to also do what they could with the project!img_20190118_115418img_20190118_115424img_20190118_115429img_20190118_115436

Story linked project

I went to a workshop recently where they introduced the new WCED art competition. The theme would be “story”. For the example project we teacher’s did, the leader read a story to us. We had to choose the part of the story that stood out the most for us and then express this through an artwork. We were encouraged to be expressive by using different media, collaging and using frotage. The bottom picture is the one I made. I decided to try it out with my grade 4s, using the story: Where the wild things are. The picture below is the one I made.img_0906img_0326

New life

New Life

New Life. MSG. Mixed media on canvas. 2013.

This is a mixed media artwork I did to celebrate God bringing new life to things that were formerly ‘dead’. Ostensibly this “new life” is the one seen in the beautiful spring we’re having here in Cape Town. In a more real sense, this “new life” is what I have seen in my own life over the past number of years.