Friedensreich Hundertwasser

I discovered this amazing architect and artist the other day while looking at what I could teach the grade 6s. Originally from Austria, he later moved to New Zealand. Unfortunately he is now no longer with us. His beautiful creations are however! And hopefully will be! Hundertwasser’s fantastical designs remind me of Gaudi in the way that they appear to go against the natural laws of nature! This was a very quick picture I did, just to show the learners in my class how the end artwork might look. DSC_0234.JPG

Fun lesson idea

I found this idea online a while ago and I was itching to try it! You take a small piece of card and draw a simple landscape (or whatever you want) on it. You then take play dough (the school I work at is in the fortunate position to have some store bought play dough though you can make as well) and using earbuds and your fingers you smear the dough over your page. You can then take sticks and scratch into it. It’s far from a perfect media but very fun and we all loved it!DSC_0129DSC_0130

British artist – Peter Clarke

I was going to be doing a project with the grade 7s on South African artist, Peter Clarke. In my google lead research, I discovered another British Peter Clarke who was also an artist! He works primarily in collage and I really liked his stuff! I decided to do an art project based around Clarke (British Clarke) with my grade 4s! Here is my own example I could show them.5

Silhouette journey

This was done in preperation for a nice project I did with my grade 3s. We began by learning about the colours before choosing 3 and doing the abstract background in paint. I then played a game like pictionary on the board where I just drew the outline. Through this I tought them about silhouettes. They had to imagine they were on a journey. They needed to include their vehicle, where they were going and what would be there to greet them.

For mine I sailed on a boat to an island and I was met by a hippopota-moose!


Elephant design

This was done in preperation for a school project with my grade 4s. They loved it! I began by teaching them about silhouettes and explaining what a Mandala is. I then gave them an outline of an elephant. They had to stick this onto cardboard and cut it out. They were given a page full of examples of elephant mandalas and were asked to decorate their elephants! They had to include an eye and an ear.20160818_085457

My eye

I taught my grade 5s about the eye and how it works (I showed them a pinhole camera and used this to explain). They first had to copy a process to draw a generic eye. They then had to realistically draw their own eye in pencil. They coloured the iris/ face with watercolour. I lastly taught them about the Mauri art of Ta Moko tattooing and we used dye to decorate our faces!