This was a project I did with my grade 5s. I taught them about warm/ cold colours, silhouettes and contrast. We did the BG in water colour paint and used salt to give it a cool affect. Onto this we used black ink/ paint to make a silhouette of a tree/ scene. img_0346


Silhouette journey

This was done in preperation for a nice project I did with my grade 3s. We began by learning about the colours before choosing 3 and doing the abstract background in paint. I then played a game like pictionary on the board where I just drew the outline. Through this I tought them about silhouettes. They had to imagine they were on a journey. They needed to include their vehicle, where they were going and what would be there to greet them.

For mine I sailed on a boat to an island and I was met by a hippopota-moose!