African Easter Warthog

The Easter Bunny is a very Euro-centric idea. A bunny would not last long in the African veld. This is a thought I shared with my grade 6s. I told them that it is about time that we came up with a new, African, Easter animal. I then introduced the learners to Franz Marc, a German expressionist artist who would paint various animals in crazy colours, according to how he was feeling. Below is my new idea for an African Easter animal, the Easter Warthog. 🙂DSC_0082


Some Doodles

I did this one in preparation for a lesson with the Grade 3s. I asked them to imagine that they were incredible, scientific explorers and that they had found the most amazing creature ever! They first had to design this animal and label it, before doing a drawing of themselves with this creature.20160607_133325

Rembrandt Art Class

I attended an art teacher’s workshop yesterday at the Isiko Old Townhouse Museum. The museum had an exhibition of a collection of Rembrandt Van Rijn’s work from many of the private and public collections here in South Africa. The workshop was looking at the teaching of Rembrandt’s work and activities that could be done around this.

My own copies of some of Rembrandt's work, trying to keep to his style.

My own copies of some of Rembrandt’s work, trying to keep to his style.

I will be writing about 1 of these activities. I teach 14-15 year old’s but with a few tweaks, this activity could work for a much wider range of learners.

Each of us was given a quick introduction to the hatching and cross hatching technique Rembrandt used in his etchings. We were then given a small mirror and asked to make a self portrait, attempting to emulate Rembrandt’s style.

The first self portrait we did. This was originally done in pencil and then we used blue pencil to transfer the image to the carbon paper.

The first self portrait we did. This was originally done in pencil and then we used blue pencil to transfer the image to the carbon paper.

After this we were given a paper plate and a piece of carbon paper. We transferred our self portrait to the plate using the carbon paper. We were then asked to make some decorations around the edge of the plate. I made a small design on another piece of paper which I then transferred twice using the carbon paper.

The end result.

The end result.

This was a fun, simple activity that I could see working in a classroom.

Some doodles

Well it’s been a while since I’ve visited this site. Hectic year (as every year ends up being it seems) but no excuse! I have been teaching creative art (consists of art and drama) at a school in Goodwood, Cape Town this year. Massively challenging and my respect for teachers has grown hugely! Though I haven’t had time to post much, I have been drawing. I’m working on what could be the next Mole vs Earthworm scenario…Teacher Mole! Need I say more.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s a small glimpse at some of my doodles this year.

Riddled with holes